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IN Ness Yuyuko & Youmu 2018/11/21 20:12:43 33KB
Lunatic Clear 1,741,726,920 18/12/01(Sat),09:04:51
1.00d-NDT 5 14 1.490200% 44.37% th8_03.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
decent-ish 1CC
PCB Nic NB Sakuya Izayoi(A) 11/04 64KB
Lunatic   830,277,090 18/12/01(Sat),09:03:51
1.00b     0.101%   th7_udTt10.rpy
8M + 2BB and I got a total of 10 extends, so I'm fine for now. Also NNN Yuyuko feels good to get in a run. I will try in the future to get a clean LNBNBB, but for now I will move to LNB another game [TrickOfHat]
SA Ness Reimu Hakurei(C) 18/11/10 00:28 40KB
Extra Stage 295,282,870 18/12/01(Sat),09:03:07
1.00a     0.09%   th11_19.rpy
SA Nic ExNN Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/10/27 16:25 34KB
Extra Stage Clear 753,920,300 18/12/01(Sat),09:02:45
1.00a     0.00%   th11_udTt11.rpy
My second perfect extra [TrickOfHat]
EoSD Nic 6MNB Reimu Hakurei(B) 07/24/17 70KB
Lunatic   185,880,040 18/12/01(Sat),09:01:33
      0.111771%   th6_udTt13.rpy
My first LNB, 6M even, after 3 months of hard work. I'm so happy!!! [TrickOfHat]
MoF ZM NMNB Reimu Hakurei(B) 16/06/07 15:33 30KB
Extra Stage Clear 871,447,250 18/12/01(Sat),09:01:31
1.00a     0.01%   th10_04.rpy
MoF ZM NB Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/04/13 16:12 69KB
Lunatic All Clear 651,826,780 18/12/01(Sat),09:00:52
1.00a     0.00%   th10_02.rpy
ReimuA LNB
MoF ZM NB Reimu Hakurei(B) 17/04/13 17:25 64KB
Lunatic All Clear 801,714,570 18/12/01(Sat),09:00:10
1.00a     0.00%   th10_01.rpy
ReimuB LNB
UFO ZM Marisa Kirisame(A) 18/11/22 21:50 89KB
Lunatic All Clear 2,503,668,600 18/12/01(Sat),08:59:34
1.00b     0.02%   th12_02.rpy
Lunatic MarisaA 2.503b, will improve.
PCB NicExNNN Sakuya Izayoi(A) 05/03 24KB
Extra   807,209,620 18/12/01(Sat),08:58:37
1.00b     0.052%   th7_udTt03.rpy
No border break. This is my first perfect Extra, and I'm really happy about it!!! [TrickOfHat]
SA Nic DRC7 Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/03/02 00:14 71KB
Normal All Clear 524,958,050 18/12/01(Sat),08:57:38
1.00a     0.03%   th11_udTt04.rpy
I finally got the perfect run for DRC. I'm so happy because it's also my first ever normal perfect!!! [TrickOfHat]
HSiFS NicExNNN Reimu Hakurei 17/12/02 19:06 34KB
Extra Stage Clear 165,858,830 18/12/01(Sat),08:51:08
1.00a     0.00%   th16_ud01ba.rpy
ExNNN. 4th perfect extra [TrickOfHat]
MoF Krolo Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/12/01 00:35 34KB
Extra Stage Clear 609,688,510 18/12/01(Sat),08:43:36
1.00a     0.00%   th10_udKRnb.rpy
GFW ENF RouteA-1 18/11/27 12:25 54KB
Easy All Clear 9,911,410 18/12/01(Sat),03:55:35
1.00a     0.06%   th128_02.rpy
bad meme
MoF yaaaaayy Marisa Kirisame(A) 18/11/23 20:09 68KB
Hard All Clear 546,507,690 18/12/01(Sat),02:28:00
1.00a     0.00%   th10_10.rpy
I am very happy with this run
TD SM Youmu Konpaku 18/11/25 15:30 82KB
Lunatic All Clear 257,480,450 18/11/30(Fri),23:33:16
1.00c     0.00%   th13_19.rpy
EoSD pn-600 Reimu Hakurei(B) 11/29/18 64KB
Lunatic   600,371,650 18/11/30(Fri),12:51:14
      0.355995%   th6_14.rpy
600M(C). GOD stage 6.
DDC skillz Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/11/24 19:16 75KB
Easy All Clear 433,085,600 18/11/25(Sun),03:19:45
1.00b     0.05%   th14_01.rpy
I must say this is a very good totally not meme run. I actually just wanted to look at the end result screen for getting a 1cc b...
IN DPF Reimu & Yukari 2018/11/24 07:28:54 13KB
Extra Clear 1,953,395,620 18/11/24(Sat),09:34:40
1.00d-NDT 0 0 0.000000% 30.63% th8_04.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
IN ExNNFS. It's been a while since I last touched a maingame.
EoSD pn 1MNB Reimu Hakurei(B) 07/05/18 54KB
Lunatic   260,369,720 18/11/23(Fri),02:08:51
      0.260568%   th6_07.rpy
Lunatic 1MNB
EoSD pn Reimu Hakurei(B) 11/20/18 60KB
Lunatic   583,869,870 18/11/22(Thu),14:45:49
      0.195479%   th6_14.rpy
608 pace gameover at SG
IN HH123 Yuyuko & Youmu 2018/11/21 18:05:17 32KB
Hard Clear 681,991,410 18/11/22(Thu),11:09:39
1.00d-NDT 11 34 0.080729% 34.68% th8_10.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
First Hard 1cc! I think Kaguya gave me PTSD...
HSiFS SHOUSHI Reimu Hakurei 18/05/05 02:28 82KB
Lunatic All Clear 445,670,360 18/11/22(Thu),04:46:03
1.00a     0.01%   th16_01.rpy
My first LNB, quite the ridiculous run.
TD SHOUSHI Youmu Konpaku 18/11/13 20:04 80KB
Lunatic All Clear 522,314,070 18/11/22(Thu),04:44:56
1.00c     0.00%   th13_01.rpy
Most ridiculous Yoshika fight in existence
PCB SHOUSHI Reimu Hakurei(B) 11/21 62KB
Lunatic   528,095,160 18/11/22(Thu),04:43:54
1.00b     0.075%   th7_01.rpy
Meme death after meme death after meme death...
IN Reimu NH Marisa & Alice 2018/11/19 01:14:49 943B
Hard No. 73 Border World "Hakurei Danmaku Field" 25,184,090 18/11/21(Wed),06:48:47
1.00d-NDT 0 0 2.222228% 55.44% th8_07.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
Reimu's Danmaku Field No Horizontal
VD LALV Sumireko Usami 18/08/11 10:38 3KB
Wrong Saturday - 2 Secret Ceremony 「The Rear Face's Wicked Flames」
(Okina Matara)
1,121,400 18/11/20(Tue),16:46:00
1.00a     0.38%   th165_ud0122.rpy
Reupload by Admin: thx_ud0106.rpy (Advanced Violet Detector replay detection added)
DDC C.Angel Marisa Kirisame(A) 18/02/02 21:47 90KB
Easy All Clear 380,137,890 18/11/18(Sun),23:26:43
1.00b     0.03%   th14_05.rpy
DDC C.Angel Marisa Kirisame(A) 18/11/17 17:56 82KB
Normal All Clear 296,544,090 18/11/18(Sun),13:06:27
1.00b     0.01%   th14_12.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Reimu Hakurei(B) 18/11/11 21:22 80KB
Normal All Clear 301,340,640 18/11/18(Sun),13:06:17
1.00b     0.04%   th14_10.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/08/04 21:10 85KB
Normal All Clear 418,928,990 18/11/18(Sun),13:06:02
1.00b     0.01%   th14_09.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Sakuya Izayoi(A) 18/06/12 23:57 91KB
Normal All Clear 396,285,470 18/11/18(Sun),13:05:49
1.00b     0.02%   th14_07.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Marisa Kirisame(B) 18/02/02 22:26 84KB
Easy All Clear 426,537,130 18/11/18(Sun),13:05:28
1.00b     0.01%   th14_06.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Sakuya Izayoi(B) 18/02/01 22:17 92KB
Easy All Clear 429,822,720 18/11/18(Sun),13:05:06
1.00b     0.00%   th14_04.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Sakuya Izayoi(A) 18/02/01 21:43 85KB
Easy All Clear 408,451,340 18/11/18(Sun),13:04:53
1.00b     0.00%   th14_03.rpy
Reupload by Admin: MarisaA and SakuyaA autodetection bug fixed
DDC C.Angel Reimu Hakurei(B) 18/01/31 23:20 91KB
Easy All Clear 384,946,410 18/11/18(Sun),05:21:17
1.00b     0.00%   th14_02.rpy
DDC C.Angel Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/01/31 22:43 94KB
Easy All Clear 411,183,460 18/11/18(Sun),05:20:41
1.00b     0.00%   th14_01.rpy
IN SFN Safe Marisa & Alice 2018/11/17 14:23:53 898B
Normal No.221 "Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana" 90,975,630 18/11/18(Sun),04:27:58
1.00d-NDT 0 0 2.222228% 58.64% th8_06.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
Didn't move at all once the spell started and didn't get hit!
PCB sp0 Reimu Hakurei(B) 10/11 84KB
Lunatic   2,915,697,350 18/11/15(Thu),05:32:58
1.00b     0.084%   th7_01.rpy
Pretty lame start but solid finish.
PCB sp0 Sakuya Izayoi(B) 11/12 87KB
Lunatic   2,646,422,160 18/11/15(Thu),05:24:44
1.00b     0.054%   th7_12.rpy
First sakuya credit made to stage 4. 2.9 pace at s5, 2.8 pace at s6 then failed almost everything
DDC BRUH Reimu Hakurei(B) 18/11/14 20:09 82KB
Hard 1 〜 6 346,742,440 18/11/15(Thu),02:17:57
1.00b     0.02%   th14_17.rpy
EoSD mkr NN Reimu Hakurei(B) 10/12/18 27KB
Extra   208,990,640 18/11/14(Wed),08:18:52
      0.117350%   th6_11.rpy
PCB \atsLNNN Sakuya Izayoi(B) 10/26 60KB
Lunatic   939,144,080 18/11/14(Wed),04:08:33
1.00b     0.087%   th7_udYs07.rpy
PCB LNNNFS | Reupload from
EoSD Yats Reimu Hakurei(B) 11/09/17 58KB
Lunatic   241,090,530 18/11/14(Wed),04:07:58
      0.082159%   th6_udYs11.rpy
EoSD LNNFS | Reupload from
SA Yats Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/05/16 21:20 75KB
Lunatic All Clear 1,124,146,020 18/11/14(Wed),04:07:17
1.00a     0.00%   th11_udYs19.rpy
SA LNNFS | Reupload from
MoF Yats Reimu Hakurei(B) 16/12/05 20:46 64KB
Lunatic All Clear 1,363,579,700 18/11/14(Wed),04:05:50
1.00a     0.00%   th10_udYs08.rpy
MoF LNNFS | Reupload from
IN Yats Remilia & Sakuya 2018/03/20 22:37:38 29KB
Lunatic Clear 3,638,673,850 18/11/14(Wed),04:04:49
1.00d-NDT 0 0 0.000000% 24.79% th8_udYe32.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
IN LNNFS | Reupload from
UFO ZM Sanae Kochiya(B) 18/10/18 19:18 90KB
Lunatic All Clear 2,769,933,650 18/11/13(Tue),10:09:41
1.00b     0.12%   th12_01.rpy
Strong PiV and graze, but needs improvement strat-wise.
HSiFS HH123 Reimu Hakurei 18/10/28 15:29 83KB
Normal All Clear 85,019,140 18/10/29(Mon),07:38:00
1.00a     0.19%   th16_02.rpy
Mai and Satono are Satan's twin daughters.
DDC CresTAS Sakuya Izayoi(B) 57/09/07 08:08 83KB
Lunatic All Clear 1,091,412,000 18/10/28(Sun),12:18:44
1.00b     0.00%   th14_udCrsT.rpy
Used 15.0MB
No. key