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PCB sp0 304 Sakuya Izayoi(B) 12/14 90KB
Lunatic   3,045,719,540 18/12/15(Sat),12:06:35
1.00b     0.059%   th7_07.rpy
no one else would ever know how it feels after 2.9999
DDC Karisa Sakuya Izayoi(B) 18/12/12 18:16 101KB
Easy All Clear 819,884,340 18/12/13(Thu),11:34:51
1.00b     0.02%   th14_12.rpy
Finally a PB, but 2 deaths on stage 6.
DDC pyro Sakuya Izayoi(B) 18/12/06 20:44 89KB
Lunatic All Clear 502,365,740 18/12/12(Wed),18:55:08
1.00b     0.04%   th14_08.rpy
IN WH-TDS Remilia 2018/12/09 18:22:02 1KB
Normal No.215 "Fantasy Heaven" 10,335,560 18/12/11(Tue),01:48:29
1.00d-NDT 0 0 0.000000% 58.05 th8_udxd03.rpy
UFO HH123 Sanae Kochiya(B) 18/12/09 11:47 85KB
Normal All Clear 120,401,840 18/12/10(Mon),05:00:53
1.00b     0.16%   th12_01.rpy
FINALLY. Shou needs a curvy lazer up hers.
LoLK Cao Minh Marisa Kirisame 18/12/09 21:58 99KB
Normal All Clear 504,877,260 18/12/10(Mon),00:07:47
1.00b     0.20%   th15_02.rpy
Played this with thumb holding Z and forefinger holding shift
IN WH-TDS Remilia 2018/12/09 14:13:47 1KB
Normal No.215 "Fantasy Heaven" 9,088,840 18/12/09(Sun),22:16:48
1.00d-NDT 0 0 0.000000% 45.86 th8_03.rpy
LoLK DPF NMNB Sanae Kochiya 18/12/09 14:07 44KB
Extra Stage Clear 577,418,600 18/12/09(Sun),15:53:01
1.00b     0.00%   th15_06.rpy
IN SKN1278 Remilia 2018/12/08 21:54:06 1KB
Normal No.215 "Fantasy Heaven" 7,177,260 18/12/09(Sun),06:01:19
1.00d-NDT 0 0 1.587307% 30.11 th8_09.rpy
SA RUIN Reimu Hakurei(B) 17/07/27 15:35 53KB
Extra Stage Clear 431,568,060 18/12/08(Sat),12:34:47
1.00a     0.00%   th11_13.rpy
I've beaten this extra stage over a year ago. This was honestly the most terrifying out of all of the extra stages/bosses that I've ever dealt with.
SA CresTAS Reimu Hakurei(A) 57/09/07 08:01 62KB
Lunatic All Clear 1,248,914,600 18/12/08(Sat),01:07:54
1.00a     0.00%   th11_18.rpy
FastSA TAS. Activate firing rate interval 1/2 in SpoilerAL for FastSA.
EoSD YATTA!!! Marisa Kirisame(B) 12/07/18 29KB
Extra   90,524,710 18/12/07(Fri),16:13:19
      0.110650%   th6_10.rpy
Second time beating Flandre, no use of pause buffering this time.
SA ZM NMNB Reimu Hakurei(A) 16/07/11 16:02 33KB
Extra Stage Clear 876,176,600 18/12/03(Mon),09:54:27
1.00a-EN     0.00%   th11_04.rpy
Will write comments
SA ZM NMNB Reimu Hakurei(B) 16/07/04 08:31 39KB
Extra Stage Clear 822,086,530 18/12/03(Mon),09:53:25
1.00a-EN     0.00%   th11_05.rpy
Will write comments
PCB why s3 Sakuya Izayoi(B) 11/30 89KB
Lunatic   2,942,215,080 18/12/01(Sat),11:24:32
1.00b     0.075%   th7_02.rpy
very bad alice but somehow pb??
IN HH123 Reimu & Yukari 2018/11/30 17:49:57 28KB
Hard Clear 563,003,040 18/12/01(Sat),10:51:11
1.00d-NDT 10 32 0.093460% 34.84 th8_09.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
I don't think I've ever done this good while running an IN hard before!
UFO ZM Sanae Kochiya(B) 17/02/27 10:03 91KB
Lunatic All Clear 2,543,164,610 18/12/01(Sat),09:34:29
1.00b     0.13%   th12_ud2543.rpy
First Lunatic 2.5b clear.
UFO ZM Sanae Kochiya(B) 18/03/07 22:42 92KB
Normal All Clear 2,205,512,630 18/12/01(Sat),09:32:58
1.00b     0.02%   th12_05.rpy
Normal scorebug clear.
UFO ZM Sanae Kochiya(B) 17/02/19 10:26 88KB
Hard All Clear 2,365,312,800 18/12/01(Sat),09:32:21
1.00b     0.14%   th12_04.rpy
Hard scorebug clear.
UFO ZM NNN Marisa Kirisame(A) 17/08/30 18:48 29KB
Extra Stage Clear 309,551,230 18/12/01(Sat),09:29:26
1.00b     0.00%   th12_ud0008.rpy
UFO ZM NNN Reimu Hakurei(A) 16/12/01 20:49 30KB
Extra Stage Clear 304,847,280 18/12/01(Sat),09:28:42
1.00b     0.00%   th12_ud0006.rpy
UFO ZM NNN Sanae Kochiya(A) 16/11/30 20:57 33KB
Extra Stage Clear 291,871,820 18/12/01(Sat),09:26:40
1.00b     0.00%   th12_ud0007.rpy
UFO ZM NB Marisa Kirisame(A) 16/12/17 16:46 79KB
Lunatic All Clear 479,282,680 18/12/01(Sat),09:25:42
1.00b     0.03%   th12_ud0003.rpy
LNB. 6 lives remaining, 24/26 spells captured.
UFO ZM NB Sanae Kochiya(B) 16/09/18 17:45 79KB
Lunatic All Clear 571,369,560 18/12/01(Sat),09:24:48
1.00b     0.00%   th12_06.rpy
LNB. 8 lives remaining, 25/26 spells captured.
UFO ZM NB Reimu Hakurei(A) 16/11/04 18:56 89KB
Lunatic All Clear 449,072,950 18/12/01(Sat),09:23:03
1.00b     0.00%   th12_08.rpy
UFO ZM NBNV Reimu Hakurei(A) 16/10/08 11:10 79KB
Lunatic All Clear 345,851,850 18/12/01(Sat),09:22:17
1.00b     0.00%   th12_07.rpy
LNBNV. 4 miss, 24/26 spells captured.
EoSD Trick Reimu Hakurei(B) 11/02/18 39KB
Extra   411,265,640 18/12/01(Sat),09:08:58
      0.058436%   th6_udTt22.rpy
Yay!!!!!! 411M with NN Flandre. Crazy Cranberry Trap cap btw [TrickOfHat]
PCB NicPhNNN Sakuya Izayoi(A) 06/29 27KB
Phantasm   1,045,986,340 18/12/01(Sat),09:08:15
1.00b     0.047%   th7_udTt11.rpy
PhNNN for DRC11 [TrickOfHat]
MoF Nic ExNN Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/02/17 02:47 33KB
Extra Stage Clear 828,308,380 18/12/01(Sat),09:07:33
1.00a     0.06%   th10_udTt06.rpy
My 5th Extra perfect, I got this pretty quickly in terms of runs, but I practiced Suwako a lot and even got an NN of her fight 2 days ago, so I was more than ready to NN the full stage [TrickOfHat]
IN Nic NB Sakuya & Remilia 2018/01/25 16:39:10 31KB
Lunatic Clear 2,118,197,420 18/12/01(Sat),09:06:31
1.00d 9 0 0.000000% 26.65 th8_udTt18.rpy
I finally got it!!!! Max misses but I'm still happy with it. Too bad I failed 4 out of 5 Kaguya's LSs, but really I was too happy for the LNB to care about them. [TrickOfHat]
EoSD Nic NN Reimu Hakurei(A) 01/22/18 64KB
Normal   149,932,210 18/12/01(Sat),09:05:49
      0.083137%   th6_udTt17.rpy
So this happened, I was randomly doing NNBs today, got a 3M with MarisaB, then choked on Red Magic with MarisaA (1 miss run) and then this happened, I'm really happy!!!!! Getting the NNN was one of my original goals for this game, and I finally got it. ...
EoSD Nic ExNN Marisa Kirisame(A) 11/15/17 30KB
Extra   212,799,600 18/12/01(Sat),09:04:55
      0.068438%   th6_udTt16.rpy
My 3rd Perfect Extra [TrickOfHat]
IN Ness Yuyuko & Youmu 2018/11/21 20:12:43 33KB
Lunatic Clear 1,741,726,920 18/12/01(Sat),09:04:51
1.00d-NDT 5 14 1.490200% 44.37 th8_03.rpy
(1.00d-NDT English Patch by Non-Directional Translations)
decent-ish 1CC
PCB Nic NB Sakuya Izayoi(A) 11/04 64KB
Lunatic   830,277,090 18/12/01(Sat),09:03:51
1.00b     0.101%   th7_udTt10.rpy
8M + 2BB and I got a total of 10 extends, so I'm fine for now. Also NNN Yuyuko feels good to get in a run. I will try in the future to get a clean LNBNBB, but for now I will move to LNB another game [TrickOfHat]
SA Ness Reimu Hakurei(C) 18/11/10 00:28 40KB
Extra Stage 295,282,870 18/12/01(Sat),09:03:07
1.00a     0.09%   th11_19.rpy
SA Nic ExNN Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/10/27 16:25 34KB
Extra Stage Clear 753,920,300 18/12/01(Sat),09:02:45
1.00a     0.00%   th11_udTt11.rpy
My second perfect extra [TrickOfHat]
EoSD Nic 6MNB Reimu Hakurei(B) 07/24/17 70KB
Lunatic   185,880,040 18/12/01(Sat),09:01:33
      0.111771%   th6_udTt13.rpy
My first LNB, 6M even, after 3 months of hard work. I'm so happy!!! [TrickOfHat]
MoF ZM NMNB Reimu Hakurei(B) 16/06/07 15:33 30KB
Extra Stage Clear 871,447,250 18/12/01(Sat),09:01:31
1.00a     0.01%   th10_04.rpy
MoF ZM NB Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/04/13 16:12 69KB
Lunatic All Clear 651,826,780 18/12/01(Sat),09:00:52
1.00a     0.00%   th10_02.rpy
ReimuA LNB
MoF ZM NB Reimu Hakurei(B) 17/04/13 17:25 64KB
Lunatic All Clear 801,714,570 18/12/01(Sat),09:00:10
1.00a     0.00%   th10_01.rpy
ReimuB LNB
UFO ZM Marisa Kirisame(A) 18/11/22 21:50 89KB
Lunatic All Clear 2,503,668,600 18/12/01(Sat),08:59:34
1.00b     0.02%   th12_02.rpy
Lunatic MarisaA 2.503b, will improve.
PCB NicExNNN Sakuya Izayoi(A) 05/03 24KB
Extra   807,209,620 18/12/01(Sat),08:58:37
1.00b     0.052%   th7_udTt03.rpy
No border break. This is my first perfect Extra, and I'm really happy about it!!! [TrickOfHat]
SA Nic DRC7 Reimu Hakurei(A) 17/03/02 00:14 71KB
Normal All Clear 524,958,050 18/12/01(Sat),08:57:38
1.00a     0.03%   th11_udTt04.rpy
I finally got the perfect run for DRC. I'm so happy because it's also my first ever normal perfect!!! [TrickOfHat]
HSiFS NicExNNN Reimu Hakurei 17/12/02 19:06 34KB
Extra Stage Clear 165,858,830 18/12/01(Sat),08:51:08
1.00a     0.00%   th16_ud01ba.rpy
ExNNN. 4th perfect extra [TrickOfHat]
MoF Krolo Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/12/01 00:35 34KB
Extra Stage Clear 609,688,510 18/12/01(Sat),08:43:36
1.00a     0.00%   th10_udKRnb.rpy
GFW ENF RouteA-1 18/11/27 12:25 54KB
Easy All Clear 9,911,410 18/12/01(Sat),03:55:35
1.00a     0.06%   th128_02.rpy
bad meme
MoF yaaaaayy Marisa Kirisame(A) 18/11/23 20:09 68KB
Hard All Clear 546,507,690 18/12/01(Sat),02:28:00
1.00a     0.00%   th10_10.rpy
I am very happy with this run
TD SM Youmu Konpaku 18/11/25 15:30 82KB
Lunatic All Clear 257,480,450 18/11/30(Fri),23:33:16
1.00c     0.00%   th13_19.rpy
EoSD pn-600 Reimu Hakurei(B) 11/29/18 64KB
Lunatic   600,371,650 18/11/30(Fri),12:51:14
      0.355995%   th6_14.rpy
600M(C). GOD stage 6.
DDC skillz Reimu Hakurei(A) 18/11/24 19:16 75KB
Easy All Clear 433,085,600 18/11/25(Sun),03:19:45
1.00b     0.05%   th14_01.rpy
I must say this is a very good totally not meme run. I actually just wanted to look at the end result screen for getting a 1cc b...
Used 19.5MB
No. key